June 29, 2017No Comments

Design Things, a curated design database.

There are three things about myself that led me to creating Design Things.

  1. I keep everything I own. I always have.

I only recently threw out my complete middle school compilation of three years of meticulously organized tests, homework and report cards from 2000 to 2003. I even had a file folder for notes I passed in class (I kept those).

I mean, c’mon, I just turned 28 yet I still have most of my high school work. (Hit me up if you need an AP European History essay.)


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December 2, 2016No Comments

Gift Guide: Playing Cards

Everyone is all about giving gifts this month. Personally, I’m on top of it and have a good portion of my shopping already done. (I'm incredible, I know). But for all of you slow-pokes out there I’m going to write a couple of gift guides for some inspiration. These things won't be too expensive, will make people happy-ish and hopefully have a purpose. I hate clutter, so when I buy gifts it's important to me to buy things people will actually use.

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March 12, 2015No Comments

Branding The Client Summit

This past February, Percolate hosted its third annual Client Summit. I had the honor to lead the design with the marketing team. The summit was a day which brought together clients, prospects and partners to look at the future of our platform.I asked myself, how do you brand a Percolate Summit? Early on in the design process we were drawn to the idea that the event programming could give us the perspective we needed. The programming of the summit presentations were to be loosely organized around Percolate’s software hierarchy of needs framework; centralize, streamline, govern, analyze and improve.

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October 24, 2014No Comments

Never Press the Back Button: A Recap of the Brand New Conference

Recently, Diego and I flew out to Chicago to attend Under Consideration’s Brand New Conference. The conference, centered around branding, was packed with two days of awesome, and inspiring designers.

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