At Percolate, we hosted a lot of different industry events. One of them was titled Session. This was an event geared towards community managers and young marketers. Each month, Session had a different theme related to marketing. 

Initial Branding Directions


Above you can see examples that I explored in the first round of branding ‘Session’. The main issue with both options was that they weren’t clearly relating back to the main Percolate brand (especially the direction on the right). After steping back and thinking about Percolate’s branding, I was able to use that to come to the final direction for the Session branding, which can be seen below.


Final Direction


Using one of Percolate’s two typefaces, Sentinel, I created distinct shapes by zooming on the letterforms. Paired with Percolate’s color palette, I came up with something that could liveunder the Percolate brand umbrella, while still being distinct enough for this new event lineup. 


October Event


Left: Poster outside of the bar entrance Top Right: Notebooks given out to attendees Bottom Right: Invitations

November Event